Philips Announced a New Luxeon T From The Compact Light Source Size to Release Maximum Luminous

Philips Announced a New Luxeon T From The Compact Light Source Size to Release Maximum Luminous
Based on thermal test and get rid of sub-file TM two market-leading innovation, Philips Lumileds today (12.12) issued a new LUXEON ?? T. As a new generation of lighting-class LED, LUXEON T under junction temperature of 85 ?? C experienced heat test and calibration specifications, can achieve a 3 step MacAdam ellipse within the precise color temperature control (SDCM) to ensure that the actual performance conditions. By virtue of the forward voltage of 2.7V and a minimum thermal resistance of the industry-leading 3 ?? C / watt, LUXEON T optimal light efficiency lighting designer may provide light for maximum system efficiency and flexibility both to reduce the use of LED. The LUXEON T at the same time with high color rendering index (CRI) can cover the range from 2700K to 5000K the complete color temperature (CCT).

“LUXEON T its high light efficiency and high lumen output to become directional lighting applications such as MR16 and PAR lights ideal choice,” said Kathleen Hartnett, product line director, “LUXEON T is able to provide for those requirements the Jinzhai beam system brought high Center (CBCP), light intensity and precise optical control.

LUXEON T 5000K, minimum CRI 80 products, for example, through a 3.7mm x 3.7mm package, 350 mA, 85 ?? C junction temperature conditions brought up to 140 lumens of light per watt efficiency. The LUXEON T breakthrough performance thanks to Philips Lumields technology Leadership – leading in the epitaxial growth of the photoelectric conversion efficiency and the cold heat coefficient, enhanced white-light conversion efficiency of the new phosphor and the light extraction can be optimized, the thermal resistance to maximize reduce the encapsulation method.

LUXEON T now has a minimum color rendering index of 80, covering 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K 5 kinds of color temperature (CCT) Specifications complete series. In addition, LUXEON T is also available for the professional lighting market’s typical color rendering index of up to 95 R9 up to 90 products to choose from. For industrial and outdoor lighting applications, including high-bay lights, street lights, street lights, including in terms of system performance can be further improved, LUXEON T in January 2013, will also branch exhibited a color rendering index of 70 new product lines.

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